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Commonly referred to as a Helicopter Banner, RIPE Airlines offers clients the ability to promote their product or brand on the world's largest Aerial Billboard Display. RIPE Airlines range in size from 10,000 sq. ft. all the way to 50,000 sq. ft. If you are looking for a head turning, show stopping campaign that will generate a business - captivating entire cities - then the RIPE Airlines is the way to go.
Helicopter advertising banners offer state-of-the-art digital artwork capabilities, allowing high resolution designs and giving excellent clarity to the viewers.

Perfect for maximum exposure and branding, RIPE Airlines deliver both a mega media blitz and higher ad recall rates than any other aerial banner. RIPE Airlines can target demographically and geographically at the local, regional, and national levels and work perfect for single or multi-market campaigns.

Helicopter banners can convey a variety of message types:

Announcing an exciting event
Promoting a particular service
Activity or Product

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